Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Who is Drivng the Bus?

Today’s my first ramble, and it is about the polarization of America. The social and economic strife we prideful people of the USA are experiencing did not sprung up overnight because The Leadership wore a red suit or a blue suit. And changing the wardrobe of The Leadership has not, and will not guarantee economic progress.

In fact economic progress will take place when The Three Musketeers motto re-surfaces in our culture: “All for one and one for all”. When did America lose our connection with our American culture, anyway?

A Jeopardy question from a pre-recorded show last night shocked me into blogging. Jeopardy, the game show is about thinking people. And the question in question asked in which group of college students studies showed the highest level of cheating: those pursuing a Bachelor of Science, a Masters of Business Administration, or a Doctorate.

MBA was the answer. Makes me proud to have never attained one!

And I recalled my most recent work history, with a high-flying company that hired the brightest and best-looking sales teams to peddle some very faulty product. These young high-rollers were bright and eager but hadn’t the slightest concept neither of right v. wrong nor of legal v. illegal. They eagerly did what it took to improve the corporate bottom line to pad their pockets. Why did these degree waving high-rollers not rock the boat? They were trained NOT to. By growing up in the 70s and 80s where cheap labor and cheaper goods became more and more available, a hunger likened to hoarding has kicked in. America can’t stop itself now.

Our corporate fraud whistles could have been blown in 2001, long before the American financial market took the whole world down. But our financial market is not the only arena now failing America and the world. The culture of Corporate Profiteering, pedals drugs, sex, eternal perkiness, and other product via television, radio, and internet with no regulation, no monitoring as to whether the sales pitches are actually Truth or Lies. Twenty-four seven we are told to use your credit card for plastic purses, door-knob rings, mineral powder, and kitchen gadgets by people who are “names” in show business and in show cooking.

Our Corporatocracy now is an out of control weed choking our lives, our livelihood. And has it’s beady eye on a population of graying Boomers. We are the original fad-worshipping, age-fearing, pig in the python of America; we are The Market. And we are going too need drugs, this time legal ones, and lots and lots of them. There is probably a former Vice President whistling a happy tune.

It all started around 1954, you know, and you can blame it all on Davey Crockett and Walt Disney.

To be continued…….

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Day One

...of This New World and this blog. 

It is happening even though it may look like it's all falling apart.  Polarization is everywhere.  And it tends to make one very certain of where one really is!  Exciting, promising and scary.  Like learning something new, hmm?  Change is a very certain thing even though we sometimes feel very uncertain.